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What Buyers Look for in Residential Construction

Searching for a house has changed a lot in lieu of virtual tours and social distancing recommendations, but home buyers are still looking for one thing above all else: quality. Anyone who has been to more than a couple house showings has seen the marks of terrible workmanship and poor choices. Quality looking fixtures that are actually imposters, trim boards that one couldn’t be bothered to line up – the list goes on. Sloppy workmanship may not be noticed by visitors, but home buyers are looking closely for quality residential construction in St. Charles, IL.

Residential Construction St. Charles, IL Buyers Love Might Have History

When you try to figure out residential construction St. Charles, IL buyers will love, the list likely includes historical homes. The city has a wonderful supply of 19th Century homes that will impress the home buyer looking for the detailed characteristics of past architectural styles. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of quality in the updating that has been performed on these homes. 

Buyers looking at residential construction in historical homes want to see original aspects of the home or complete overhauls. You cannot put Band-Aids on historical homes during a remodel, or it stands out like a sore thumb. Obviously, an old home with original components may have imperfections, but they should add character. Slapping some laminate over hardwood floors in the kitchen will not go with the rest of the home. Poor repairs of plaster walls such as mismatched textures or non-linear corners bring attention to the trouble these walls can pose in the future should more work need to be done. 

When looking at residential construction, especially when dealing with older homes, quality is key. These homes almost always have unique challenges, and seeing that updates were done correctly allows the home buyer to have peace of mind in his or her purchase. 

New Residential Construction Quality and Perfection

On the other hand, some home buyers WILL NOT consider a historic home because of their potential construction or maintenance challenges. They believe in the mantra, out with the old and in with the new. But these home buyers also have expectations for new construction, which include: 

  • Electrical outlet cutouts that are within the boundaries of outlet covers. 
  • Completed trim around walls and carpet. 
  • Quality electrical and plumbing fixtures. 
  • Efficient climate control (windows, heating and cooling systems)
  • Perfection (or close to it. It is new construction, after all.)

Consider What Buyers are Looking for When You Hire a Residential Contractor in St. Charles, IL

Basically, home buyers in St. Charles, IL are looking for quality work when they go into a home. This can sometimes be achieved by the experienced DIYer, but it is more often the work of reputable professionals who know how to do the job right. If you are selling a home, be it new or old, your buyers don’t want to have to redo any recent work. If they can see the work has been done completely and correctly, you’re more likely to get your asking price for your home.

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