Three Season Room Addition

Enjoy a new Three Season Room Addition. Use it for Entertainment, reading or a rec room. You know with Slaten it will be done on time, on budget & on point.

Three Season Room Addition

Most of us in the Midwest wish that we had an earlier spring and later winter so we could spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Building a Three Season Room helps you utilize your outdoor space in a whole new way, and is an affordable option for increasing the square footage of your home.

You have many options to consider when designing your Three Season Room, including the square footage, the type of roof, windows and doors, and any interior finishes youd like. We make the process easy by presenting you with options, and providing the benefits and drawbacks for each. For example, you may want energy efficient windows that dont open, or opt for something that lets in the fresh air. By listening to your needs and ideas, well have you enjoying your Three Season Room of your dreams in no time.


Without the need for excavation, heating and plumbing systems, building a Three Season Room is relatively quick and affordable. In fact, you can typically build a Three Season Room for half of what it would cost to build a typical addition to your home.

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