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Three Easy Remodels for Your St Charles Home

You may think that you have to wait until you have enough money to do an entire kitchen remodel in your St. Charles home, but the reality is that there are easy and inexpensive updates you can make that will give you the feel of a whole new kitchen without the hefty price tag.

Paint Your Cabinets Bright White

White kitchen cabinets are very popular and for good reason. First, white is a neutral color that will go well with various color floors, countertops, and backsplashes. You may be able to give your kitchen a whole new look by painting the cabinets white without having to do a major kitchen remodel. In addition, having neutral color cabinets means that you can change out your décor much more easily in the future without spending a lot of money.

Another reason that bright white is a smart choice is that it opens up your kitchen. If you currently have dark cabinets, changing to a lighter color will give the appearance of more space, even if your square footage stays the same.

Finally, bright white cabinets conceal an outdated cabinet design. Instead of replacing your old cabinets, paint them a bright white and update your kitchen instantly. This will save you a great deal of money on your kitchen remodel.

Update Your Lighting

You can change the look of your kitchen by changing the lighting in the room. Updating your light fixtures is the most obvious choice since outdated fixtures can easily date a room. You should also consider the type of light bulbs you use. For example, the bulbs you choose can cast either a warm or cool light, changing the feeling of the room.

Another way to make an impact with your lighting with minimal cost is by adding lighting under the cabinets. This is helpful when working in the kitchen, and also adds indirect lighting options when you don’t want the brightness of the overhead lights. Swapping out your light switches with dimmer switches allows you to adjust and control the lighting and feel of the room, as well.

Choose Your Backsplash Wisely

Updating or adding a backsplash in the kitchen is an easy way to update your St. Charles, IL kitchen. Depending on how much area you have to cover, it can become costly, however. One great way to add some style to your kitchen without breaking the bank is to choose your tile wisely. This might mean going for a great neutral color, giving you flexibility if you update other areas of your kitchen later.

Another option is to splurge on a more expensive tile in the main focal point in the kitchen, such as behind the sink and stove, and choosing a less expensive option along the other walls. This will give your kitchen a “wow” factor while saving money for some other updates. If you plan ahead, no one will ever know you did this to save money. If you are working with a designer, they will be able to provide some options for you.

It can be difficult to know where to start when considering a kitchen remodel for your St. Charles, IL home, but calling a contractor is a smart first step. Slaten Residential will work with your budget and help you prioritize the upgrades that will make the most sense for your home. Call us for a free consultation at (630)584-2255.

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