Patio Covers

Protect vehicles, boats or make your patio cover a beautiful seating area for spring, summer & fall. We build affordable, high quality patio covers call now

Patio Covers

Patio Covers provide a roof for your patio, while still providing the open air environment we love about being outdoors. Patio covers not only protect you from the sun, rain and snow, but can extend the life of your patio furniture and fixtures by protecting those, as well.

You have options when it comes to the style of patio cover, as well as the materials available. For example, wood offers an elegant beauty that has been popular over time, while vinyl patio covers can withstand harsh weather and need minimal maintenance.  We can help you determine the material that is right for your home, as well as suggest the style that complements your needs.

Patio covers generally have a solid roof that are beneficial for keeping the patio protected from snow, rain and the sun. If you prefer something that provides a mix of sun and shade, then a Pergola might be your preference.

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