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Kitchen Remodels on a Budget

A kitchen remodel can quickly outspend the most generous of budgets. Luxury countertops and flooring, exotic wood, top-of-the-line appliances, and personal preferences add up if left unchecked. That is precisely the reason that remodel budgets are a must for successful kitchen makeovers. Your kitchen remodel in St. Charles, IL is guaranteed to be a success as long as it has some financial boundaries. 

Make Lists to Keep Your Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

You should have three lists for your kitchen remodel, and these are your lists of must-haves, want-to-haves, and dream-kitchen items. These lists are understandably for prioritization, but it is difficult to designate each one into its proper category. 

Must-have List

Your must-have list is not as obvious as it may seem. This is not a list to mention that you want working plumbing or a stovetop. Instead, your must-have list should include the trigger that made you pursue remodeling in the first place. Was it outdated linoleum? Tile countertops? Old appliances? Whatever became the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in your kitchen should be rewarded by placement on your must-have list. You don’t want to enter into a kitchen remodel only to finish with the same complaint. 

Other must-haves differ based on your kitchen wants. Are you looking for more functionality or aesthetic pleasure? Consider whether refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them would yield similar satisfaction. Your must have list should only include things that will absolutely make you unhappy if they are not fixed or replaced.

Want-to-have List

When you edit your must-have list, there will probably be a couple items that can be relegated to “wants” instead of “needs,” and that is good. It helps the budgeting process. It is best to get very specific when making these lists. For example, maybe you love the idea of marble countertops but know that the price tag is unreasonable for your budget. Quartz or an alternate solid surface material may be acceptable. The beauty of the want-to-have list is that anything that is too grandiose still has a place on the dream-kitchen list. 

Dream-kitchen list

Your dream-kitchen list is not for 24-carat gold leaf cabinetry or Swarovski crystal-embellished refrigerator door handles. At least, not in most cases. It is for realistic items that you would actually enjoy in your kitchen but won’t feel daily discouragement if they aren’t present in the final remodel. This is a great place for luxury items but also high-tech items or customization that isn’t really necessary. 

Your dream-kitchen list keeps you in budget because you can eliminate everything from it, but that’s NOT the only thing it does. When budgeting, one should include some luxury items that aren’t extremely high in cost. A touchless faucet or a pot filler, for example, might be the perfect way to get a bit of your dream kitchen while remaining within your budget. Keeping it on your dream-kitchen list reminds you that you were able to afford some extras. 

Kitchen Remodels on a Budget

If you are looking to remodel your St. Charles, IL kitchen on a budget, make a list of your needs, wants, and dreams. Then, make sure you get everything you need, many of your wants, and a couple of your dreams in your finished remodel. You’ll have the budget to finish your project, and you’ll know that you’ve prioritized correctly.

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