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Kitchen Remodel Do’s and Don’ts

Beginning a kitchen remodel in your St. Charles, IL home is exciting and fun. You’ll select wall colors, countertops, cupboards, and updated fixtures. Those who have completed a kitchen remodel know how wonderful it is, but they also know that there are plenty of mistakes one can make. That is why we have compiled this short list of kitchen remodel do’s and don’ts. 

Kitchen Remodel Do’s

  • Prioritize lighting: When it comes to lighting, aesthetics are important, but so is function. You want your countertops lighted, not shadowed. This can be a challenge with certain lights that are beautiful but cast a shadow whenever anyone uses a prep surface. Make sure your lighting isn’t a disappointment when you actually put your kitchen to use. 
  • Plan around appliances: Believe it or not, you want to plan your St. Charles, IL kitchen remodel around your appliances. This is because cutouts and spaces must be customized to fit your appliances. It may seem backward, but your appliances have a lot to do with your kitchen remodel design. 
  • Consider durability: Cutting corners is not a good idea in a kitchen remodel. Cheap countertops scratch and crack, and poorly-made fixtures break and wear. If you want your kitchen remodel to last, invest in quality materials that are meant to stand the test of time. 
  • Add technology: Whether it is USB outlets, smart switches, or an automatic dustpan, adding technology to your kitchen remodel makes it convenient and user-friendly. Plus, it’s fun to have new gadgetry seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. 

Kitchen Remodel Don’ts

  • Skip storage: Color and design are the fun parts of kitchen remodels, but your St. Charles, IL kitchen also needs storage. This means countertops, a pantry, and plenty of cupboard space for your small appliances and cooking needs. You can’t really have too much storage in the kitchen. 
  • Neglect to budget: The reality of budgets can stifle dreams of a kitchen remodel, but they are necessary. Instead of hating your budget limitations, look for ways to maximize your budget. You may end up being able to afford more than you thought without the risk of not being able to finish due to overspending. 
  • Ignore workflow: Again, aesthetics can get in the way of design when it doesn’t consider function, and workflow is part of a kitchen’s function. Pay attention to fridge, stove, and dishwasher placement. Make sure prep areas are placed appropriately. A remodel is a chance to make your kitchen an easy and comfortable place to make meals. 
  • Think short-term in design: A boldly-colored kitchen may be what you want now, but what about a few years from now? Consider any non-neutral colors for walls or other less-permanent places in the kitchen that can be changed relatively easily. 
  • DIY outside of your ability: Lastly, hire a residential contractor instead of taking your DIY project too far. Your kitchen remodel should look perfectly finished and not pose a threat to anyone who uses it, so use professionals and be sure your remodel is done correctly. Remember, a poorly done remodel isn’t just an eyesore, it also detracts from the value of your home. A good remodel offers a substantial return on your investment. 

Kitchen Remodels with No Regrets

If you pay attention to this list of kitchen remodel do’s and don’ts, you’ll be able to have a St. Charles, IL kitchen remodel with no regrets. Don’t be left with costly mistakes or repairs following a remodel. Plan ahead, and watch your kitchen transform into something very close to perfection.

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