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Fun Uses for Dream Sheds

What would you add to your home if you had the extra room? Maybe it’s a mini dance or yoga studio, musical practice space, or art studio. The great news is, you can create your dream space, even if your home doesn’t seem to have an extra in of unused space, by building a dream shed for your St. Charles, IL home.

Sheds have become very popular in recent years, and have been transformed from what were traditionally places to store yard and gardening tools to mini sanctuaries designed with a personal purpose in mind. If the shed is in good shape and attractive, it also adds value to your home. Here are some fun uses for a dream shed that you can build in St. Charles, IL.

Studio Space

Whether you’re are an artist, a crafter, or photographer, having a place that’s all your own to be creative really is a dream. When you build a shed from the ground up, you can decide the best place for windows and doors that allow for optimal lighting. Not only do you have dedicated work space and storage for any supplies and equipment, but you have the added bonus of not having to clean it up in the middle of a project or before company comes.

Fitness Space

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to practice yoga or get in a workout without being interrupted? A shed is a great option for carving out a workout room that can be customized to fit your fitness routine. You can keep bulky equipment out of your regular living space, decorate it in a way that inspires you, and have everything you need like mats, water and towels ready to go.

Entertaining Space

Consider building a shed that doubles as storage for your summer patio supplies in winter and a cute, entertainment niche in summer. It provides shade and shelter when you need it, adds added seating to your backyard, and can be used as a personal retreat space when company is gone. Get really creative and convert your dream shed to a bar in the summer months. Not only is it fun to be outdoors in the summer months in St. Charles, IL, but setting up a bar in the shed frees up space in your kitchen.

The options for creating a fun dream shed are limited only by your imagination. If you would like help designing your dream shed in St. Charles, IL, contact Slaten Residential at (630) 584-2255. 

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