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Exterior Home Remodels that Make You Love Coming Home

The outside appearance of your home matters from a personal and financial standpoint. According to a recent study published in The Journal of Real Estate and Economics, curb appeal can boost your home’s value by 7 to 14% depending on market conditions. Exterior home remodels of houses in St. Charles, IL can help the homes sell. They also ensure that the people living there love coming home. 

Measuring Curb Appeal

Interestingly, the above-mentioned study relied on photos from Google Street View, and the researchers then applied algorithms to compare the curb appeals of similar homes. Curb appeal is typically a subjective and qualitative observation, meaning it changes based on personal preference. The study made curb appeal more objective and measurable by noting specific curb appeal categories to reduce bias.

These curb appeal factors included things like: 

  • Well-kept lawns
  • New or unbroken concrete
  • Curb appeal of neighboring properties
  • Porches or porch condition

These types of features were compared to evaluate how they affected the sale price. Of course, complete objectivity could not be achieved, but the results were significant nonetheless. 

Exterior Remodels to Increase Curb Appeal

When homeowners find out how important curb appeal is to the value of their home, it isn’t hard for them to act on exterior home remodels. After all, they are going to reap a personal benefit as well.  Some popular home remodels that will increase the value of your St. Charles, IL home include: 

  • New paint or siding 
  • Front porch addition  
  • Garage door replacement
  • New front door 
  • New windows
  • Landscaping
  • New fencing

All of these things create value because of visual enhancement, but they also create value because they show that the home has been loved. What you see on the outside of the home tells a story about how it was maintained on the inside. 

If curb appeal isn’t enough, the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report of remodeling projects in the United States lists some of these exterior home remodels as having the best value for your investment. Replacing the garage door topped the list, as the average person recouped 93.8% of the cost of this curb appeal enhancement. 

Curb Appeal Can Make You Love Your Home

Besides the increased monetary value, home remodels of your St. Charles, IL residence can make you love living there. Every time you pull into your driveway or to the front of your house, you’ll feel invited into your home to relax in a place that is cared for on the inside and out. The feelings you will have living there are the same feelings home buyers will have. We all want to be in a place that has been shown the proper care and maintenance. Let’s start the conversation about your home remodel in St. Charles or the surrounding area! Call us at (630) 584-2255.

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