Casita Addition

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Casita Addition

Casitas became a popular part of American architecture in the Southwest during the 1920’s. One hundred years later, they are making a comeback and are growing in popularity across the country. Casita literally means “tiny house” in Spanish, and that’s exactly what they were originally intended for. Today, casitas are used in a number of ways to expand your living space: as a living area for an aging parent or young adult; as a guest room or rental property; as office space; or as an art or music studio.

We help our clients design the casita that complements their needs and fits their budget. We start by finding out what the space is intended for, who will be using the space, and what features are most important. We take into account your design preferences and how you envision using the space in years to come. Adding a casita to your home means increasing its value, so it’s an excellent option for those looking to add living space that also provides an extra bit of privacy.

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