Bath Full Remodel | Update

Complete Bathroom Remodeling. A new bathroom from Slaten adds comfort, style and value to your home. Our team of design experts can help call today!

Bath Full Remodel/Update

Sometimes you want to make so many changes that a full bathroom remodel is the best choice. Not only does it let you correct things that you don’t like about the room, but you can increase its functionality and even make a smaller space feel more spacious.


Full bathroom remodels obviously provide an updated look and feel, but is an opportunity to add modern features and luxuries, such as heated floors and a freestanding tub. In addition, as bathroom style has evolved, so have options for energy efficiency. This is not only better for the environment but saves you money.

If you are looking at your home as an investment, a bathroom remodel will provide you the best return on investment, after kitchens, in some cases allowing you to recoup over 60% of the cost of the project. 

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