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Addition Ideas for Small Lots

Home remodels and other improvements have increased in frequency since the pandemic, but for some people, space constraints are a major issue. If you are looking for creative ways to add some extra space and don’t have the lot size to expand, consider the following creative options for home additions in St. Charles, IL. 

There are four primary ways to add space to your home when you are limited by a small lot. 

  • Building up
  • Bump-outs
  • Conversions
  • Finishing attics or basements

There are probably countless ways you could reorganize your floor plan or eliminate features such as closets to widen areas within the home. However, the four options above create an appreciable amount of space with very little sacrifice. 

Building Up

Many ideas for creating more space in a home with no room for outside expansion involve open concepts or the removal/conversion of useful space. A family room without a game closet is in fact larger, but where do you store the games? That is why building up is one of the greatest addition ideas for small lots. It creates an actual increase in square footage. 

There are many ways to add a second story. The traditional method is to tear off the roof and build from scratch. However, today’s technology allows some second-story structures to be built off-site and then added atop your home.  

There are some things that can restrict your upward options such as city codes and the load bearing capacity of your foundation. However, if it is logistically possible, a second story home addition for your St. Charles, IL home is an excellent option. 


There are many people with small homes that could benefit greatly by just a few more feet of space. If you wish your breakfast nook could fit a dining room table or your living room could hold one more sofa, a bump-out addition might be for you. 

Technically, bump-outs do take up more space on your lot, but that space is minimal. It can also be an inexpensive addition with no additional foundation build because it is cantilevered off of your original foundation. Bump-outs add space to the inside of your home, and they add a little extra architectural style to the outside. 


Conversions are not actual additions, but they feel like additions when you convert space that you don’t use. Common conversions in residential homes include: 

  • Garage to family room or bedroom
  • Extra kitchen space to home office or homework area
  • Pantry to laundry room or small office area
  • Formal dining room to bedroom

Basically, any unused space can be converted into a space you want or need. It could be your future home gym or office, or it could be a badly needed extra bedroom. You reclaim the space you already have but use it better with a room conversion. 

Finishing attics or basements

Finally, if you have an unfinished attic or basement, finishing it is the perfect way to add finished square footage to your home without requiring any extra real estate. Attics and basements make lovely bedrooms, rec rooms, and home offices. They can be made into art studios, home gyms, or home theaters. Whether your St. Charles, IL home additions are designed for practicality or recreation, your basement or attic can deliver. 

If you wish you could start planning an addition but don’t think you have enough room, think again! There are many options available, and most homes have some room for expansion. Let’s start the conversation about your home addition in St. Charles or the surrounding area! Call us at (630) 584-2255.

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