Addition Ideas for Small Lots

Addition Ideas for Small Lots (building up, bump-outs, conversions, etc.)

You love your home and don’t want to move, but live on a small lot and need an addition to your home … what are you to do? You might think that your only choices are to move or find a way to live in the space you currently have. However, there are plenty of options for adding space to your St. Charles, IL home, even if you live on a small plot of land.

Build Up

The first piece of advice someone gets when living in a small apartment is to think vertical when considering storage space. The same is true when you want to add on to your existing home but live on a small lot without the ability to expand outward. Finding more space might just be a matter of building up, which could mean adding to an existing second floor, or adding an additional story to your home.

The advantage of building up is that you don’t lose any yard space, and don’t have to disrupt or renovate any landscape and hardscape you have, which could cost extra money. Adding another story to your home, or adding onto an existing second floor, also means you can rethink the footprint of your existing living space. Moving a first floor bedroom to a second floor allows you to open up your floor plan or convert that space for another use.

You might also consider finishing your basement, or converting an attic to living space. This isn’t possible in all homes, so it’s very important to consult with a reputable contractor before making any decisions.


If your home isn’t working for your family, you may think that an addition is the only option. However, sometimes the solution is to reconfigure your current floor plan. For example, if your current home has a kitchen and a dining room, you might consider combining these rooms and using the extra space to build an island, create a homework station or add storage. An experienced home remodeler will be able to help you with layout and design options that better fit your family’s needs.

Bump Out

Another option for adding on to a home with a small lot is a bump out. This is typically an addition of two or three feet to one room of the house. This could be a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. While it may not seem like a lot, in a kitchen a bump out could allow you to extend your countertops or add a tablet to create an eat-in kitchen. Bump outs are also popular for adding bathroom fixtures, like a bathtub, or adding window seats with built in storage.

Before you decide to move because you need more space in your home, call Slaten Residential to discuss your options. Our team is experienced to provide solutions with your needs and goals in mind. Contact us at (630) 584-2255 for a free consultation.

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