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5 Home Remodeling Jobs to Consider Before Listing Your House for Sale

Home remodeling projects are definitely something to consider before listing your St. Charles, IL house for sale, but you’ll want to maximize the return on your investment. Many costly remodeling jobs simply don’t pay off, but that doesn’t mean you should cross remodeling off of your to-do list. Figure out which home remodeling jobs will “wow” your potential buyers, and increase the speed and profit in your home sale. 

5 Home Remodeling St. Charles, IL Jobs to Consider Before Listing Your House for Sale

  1. Lights and Light Controls: If your walls contain yellowed electrical outlets, switches, or covers, they’ve got to go before you show your house. This inexpensive fix removes a huge sales deterrent from buyers who are looking for a move-in ready space. Similarly, light fixtures should not be reminiscent of previous decades. If you still have old track lighting heads illuminating (and heating) your home, replace them with upgraded, efficient, LED options. Your future home buyer may want a different style, but he or she won’t be rushed and stressed to make immediate home improvements upon purchase.  
  2. Plumbing Fixtures: Like lights and electrical outlets, upgraded plumbing fixtures are a pleasant surprise to would-be home buyers. You don’t have to get smart faucets or motion sensors, but make sure you have quality, sturdy fixtures, so people don’t see them as an item that won’t last. Cheaply-made fixtures simply tell your buyer that you have made superficial improvements instead of quality improvements that increase the value of the home. 
  3. Ceiling Fans: Not many people walk into a home and complement the ceiling fan, but you don’t want them cringing at its appearance either. If you have a ceiling fan that has seen better days, it is better to replace it. Upgrading to quiet fans with remote controls and dimmer lights are great ways to upgrade the look of your home. If you are doing this and other electrical work, it may be a good time to update the switch and switchplate as well.
  4. Paint or Reface Cabinets: Changing cabinetry can amount to significant costs in home remodeling, but that cost is reduced by painting or refacing them. Many cabinets become dated but are still structurally very sound. Changing the front of the cabinets improves first impressions, as many cabinets are at eye-level. 
  5. Modern Vanity: Fully remodeling a bathroom can involve plumbing, flooring, paint, and lighting. Oftentimes, you can get a similar visual impact by replacing the vanity and faucet. It is usually the focal point of the room, so replace it. Leave the rest for peripheral viewing. You’ll be less likely to receive objections from buyers and it shows you’ve invested in your home’s appearance.

Small Home Remodeling Jobs in St. Charles, IL Greatly Impact Your Sale

Many home owners invest in large remodeling projects prior to listing their houses for sale, but often all that is needed is a little facelift. This means fresh paint, new fixtures, and a couple things here and there that don’t cost a lot but add great visual and functional appeal to your home. If you are going to go with a big remodel, focusing on the bathroom and kitchen is a good bet. If you’re looking for some smaller home remodeling options, consider the five items above.

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