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3 Things To Do Before You Start a Residential Construction Project

Starting a residential construction project is not as simple as drawing up some plans and hiring a contractor. There are legalities involved that may include property lines, permits, or insurance coverage among other things. If you are planning a residential construction project in St. Charles, IL, here are three things you should do before you start. 

3 Things To Do Before You Start a Residential Construction Project

  1. Map the Property: Depending on whether your St. Charles residential construction project is an addition or a remodel, you may need to have your property mapped. A plat of survey should clearly show property or lot lines along with the dimensions and location of your addition. The map, which is required with an application for permit, must be submitted to the Building and Code Enforcement Division. The planned addition must be in compliance with zoning regulations, and it must not encroach upon easements or neighboring properties. Similarly, drawings should be rendered for remodeling projects prior to beginning work. If any part of your project begins prior to mapping or drawing, you’ll eventually have to go back to this step. Residential construction projects turn out much better if this step is done in a pre-construction planning phase. 
  2. Obtain Permits: Most substantial residential construction projects in St. Charles, IL require a permit BEFORE building (or demolition) begins. If a permit is not obtained, fines may accrue for each day a violation continues. In cases where the violation causes danger, the Building Commissioner may take action to vacate the property. Permits ensure work is done safely and in compliance with local Architectural Design Guidelines or other regulations. 
  3. Ensure Contractor is Licensed and Bonded: Certain contractors in St. Charles, IL are required to have a bond in order to get their license. This bond protects clients and ensures that contractors abide by construction rules and fulfill their contracts. A license is no guarantee of quality, but it does show professionalism, which is often paired with quality. If you are embarking on a substantial residential construction project, it is best to have a licensed and bonded contractor. 

Success Means Preparation for Your St. Charles, IL Residential Construction Project 

The ultimate goal of your St. Charles, IL residential construction project is for it to be successful. That is why it is so important to start it on the right foot by mapping your property, obtaining proper permits, and hiring a licensed and bonded contractor. If you begin your project with these steps, you will avoid some of the barriers that commonly stall construction and make your project take much longer than necessary. These steps will streamline your home improvement project to completion.

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